Hengfengtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

The company HengFengTai designs and produces all kinds of agitators/mixers, as it′s one of our derivative products. We have been one of the biggest mixer producer in China for more than 30 years. We always provide to our clients the most suitable mixing solution with high quality and cost effective equipments.

For over 30years, HengFengTai has stood for quality and reliability in agitator construction. We develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative agitators for all applications in the materials processing industries, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industry, as well as in water and waste water treatment.

Our definition of service surpasses regular performances by far. We do not only offer you professional consultation and individualized lay-out of your agitators, we are also here for you after the acquisition. If you wish, we will install and commission your plant for you. We′d love to carry out training. We consider stirrer tests, reconstructions and optimizations to be a given.

Our production in China is certified to quality management standard EN ISO 9001, and to ECOSYS essential requirements concerning environment: ISO 14001 and occupational Health and safety: ISO45001.
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